In today’s world many vintage, specialty, and late model vehicles are purchased over long distances. Sometimes the buyer never sees the car in-person and has it transported, or other times investing time and money traveling to trailer it themselves. This is where a PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) becomes invaluable. It is also often necessary to have a vehicle appraised for insurance requirements, estates, tax purposes, or if you just want to know what the market value is. With almost four decades experience in the automotive industry as a professional and enthusiast I use that knowledge to offer a quality independent inspection, appraisal, and consultation service.

36 Years Experience Includes:

  • All Manufacturer Technician
  • Engine Systems Specialist
  • Exotic Car Technician
  • Carburetor Specialist
  • Body & Paint
  • Detail & Accessories
  • Live Auction Evaluator
  • Appraisals & Inspections
  • Antique Classic Restoration

Certified Appraisal

Pittsburgh Vehicle PPI differs greatly from the national chains. Most national companies pretend to be local and sub their work to independent contractors, some of which have no automotive experience, while you speak to a customer service representative and rarely talk with the person who actually performed the inspection. Our services are more personable because you speak directly to the inspector before and after the inspection. This provides you with a verbal report in addition to your written report and enables you to ask questions about the vehicle. It also produces a more accurate representation of the vehicle and minimizes miscommunication benefiting all parties involved.

We are an independently owned and operated business providing an honorable service with a focus on accuracy and honesty. Whether you are buying, selling, or contemplating a special automobile, we take great pleasure in assisting our clients and are grateful to be of service. That is why we are the preferred choice for inspections and appraisals in the Western Pennsylvania Region.